October 7, 2013

a long weekend...

What a gorgeous weekend we had!
Catching up with friends
Catching up with family too, perfect weather and it was the
'Labour day' long weekend so it was wonderful not to have to go into work today...
...instead we headed down to Garden island to see the War Ships which was part of the International Navy Fleet review.

Lucky, I got tickets last week because they sold out real fast and I knew the boys would enjoy it...there was people everywhere and we ended up going on board HMAS Sydney, HMAS Darwin and a Japanese War ship.
If you know me you'll know Im not a fan of war or even glorifying war so unlike my boys I was not thrilled to see the guns, bullets, rockets and all the latest defence technology so instead I took a lot of photos of the colourful flags and sailor's ropes & knots! ha-ha..
...a great day out!


  1. So glad you had a lovely long weekend!

  2. Wow, I think everyone I know in Sydney went there, it sounds like it was a popular event. My boys would have loved it too and like you, I much prefer your photo subjects. Mel x


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