April 4, 2014

LA Stories: Stahl House

I cant believe its been a year since we visited the West Coast of America...the days, weeks and months seem to intertwine and before you know its almost time for another trip (yes please!).

As a family we like to plan and discuss where to next - its nice to dream right?!

I was going through my Holiday snapshots - all saved in computer files...downloaded and neglected - its a real issue for me as I don't think I've printed photos since 2004!! So bad!

I have to take time out and tackle my photo organisation problem and get some beautiful photo books printed...

so a year ago, we were in LA.

I had organised to do a house tour of Stahl house. Andrew took the boys to 'The Grove' as I knew they wouldn't really be keen on a House tour...

so I caught up with my friends Tammy and Michael, who are both LA locals but had never seen it, so off we went up into the Hollywood hills - there were strict instructions of where to park as the street is private and gated and who wants to annoy the neighbours?

When we arrived it looked like any normal carport but when the Tour Guide opened the back door into the property we all went 'WOW!'...like I mean mouth wide open 'WOW!'...just stunning!

The Stahl's bought the land for a mere $13,500 in 1954 and the house was designed by

Pierre Koenig in 1959. A simple glass and steel house that takes advantage of the stunning views over LA.

Perched high up in the hills with a vast drop down, here the Stahl's raised their family ...it is still privately owned by the family and these days its used for photo-shoots and commercials as well as the scheduled House Tours which pay for its maintenance.

The one thing Tammy and I agreed on when we left the tour was that we both had an urge to go home and de-clutter...being in such a minimal space creates a feeling of freedom...which is what every home should feel like!

So if you ever visit LA and want to do something fun and a little different, go visit Stahl House.


  1. looks absolutely amazing!

  2. What a beautiful house and what beautiful pictures. Thanks for sharing. I didn't know you could take a tour of the house.

  3. Oh I had heard about it but never thought to go see it when I lived in L.A. but I just put it on my "TO DO" list :)

    Thanks for sharing, it must have been such a great experience to be there :)

    Have a lovely weekend, cheers, T. :)

  4. That is so stunning! I loved the Grove too so I would want to do both :)

    I'm always planning my next holiday and I need to start making my travel books. I have a few to catch up on. x


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