January 11, 2015

2014 vs 2015

So it was my birthday recently and I loved ALL the birthday emails, calls and messages I received!
Then Willie, a Facebook friend, put this message on my Timeline..
Your 2 birthday questions: What is the thing you're most proud of from the past 12 months? And what is one thing you will accomplish in the upcoming 12 months? Have a glorious day!

At first I thought how very clever of him! such a clever way to make someone reflect, think back and then move forward...
I must admit it took me a while to think about the answer to the first question where I even resorted to think,  hey, I didn’t really achieve that much in 2014!?? (enter shock horror)
It was one of those years I think where I just let it all unfold how it wanted to...I was still living my life to its fullest but it actually felt like a few things took a back-step last year.
my hobbies, my paper crafting and Etsy shop, even here, my blog
...I even started an Inspiration Journal but didn't get far (  I do hope to keep it going this year though...)
I mean, I still feel like I did a lot, life was lived, but nothing that stood out to be 'important' and life changing, but that's okay too.
I stepped back and took it easy, which felt nice as well.

...commitment to my FAMILY was totally my priority and my boys are growing up so fast before my eyes...more family time please!
we visited Melbourne last year and I got to spend a day at The Australian Open Tennis event which was fantastic! We also had a beautiful holiday at Rainbow Bay last September - such a heavenly spot!

I did step out of my comfort zone and help out at two Etsy events hosted by the 'Sydney Etsy Team' - lots of planning, good fun and really enjoyable for everyone involved.
I also feel like I accomplished quite a bit at work and had a few ‘A-ha’ moments which helped me along  (a change of attitude makes amazing changes) …personal development and understanding what makes me tick, is something Id like to continue to discover and the company I work for is very into this so I'll go for it...I'm opening up and being vulnerable which is a good thing I guess…being honest with ourselves allows this...
I also followed and completed an 8 week ‘I quit Sugar’ program at the beginning of the year
and a 4 week ‘Heal your Gut’ program in November, 
…actually both were not that challenging, the less crap I eat the less I crave it!
The hard part now is being mindful of what I put into my mouth and body, this is the challenge we all face - life is busy and eating well needs lots of planning ahead.
I did an online 'Experiments in Collage'  course which I was so keen to get into but just didn’t devote enough time to…maybe this year I will get more time to be creative.  I hope so.
For 2015, I hope to try to get back into Illustration, especially Fashion Illustration.
Its been so long (insert sad face) and I’m so rusty…but with drawing, just like swimming, the only way to get better is to jump in and do it!
A great quote, ’The camera is an instrument that teaches people how to see without a camera’….so I’ll definitely continue to take more photos this year (instagram is helping too!)
And another thing I want to do (need to do) is to create Photo books as we have a dump of photos on the computer, un-organised and these are family treasuries so need to be treated that way.
I plan to create more, to get involved in creative collaborations (ideas anyone??)
eat well, move more,
and cook more! - this Foodie New Year resolutions looks like a good start!
Have an awesome year ahead everyone!

* image via annariflebond on Instagram


  1. Great post! It seems we are all not very happy with what we have accomplished and eager to accomplish more but if you see it from a distance or through someone else's eyes then maybe you will realise you did indeed accomplish a lot!
    As for Photo Books I use shutterfly an online American company and make my photo books they are really good and that way I won't lose all those photos that are on the computer and no one sees them!AriadnefromGreece!

  2. That's a pretty awesome year in anyone's book, and lots of goals already set down for 2015. Can't wait to see you get the illustration mojo back.

  3. Thanks for the encouragement girls - always lovely to have people rooting for you!
    Thanks Ariadne for the Shutterfly tip, we also have an Australian version so will look into it - its going to be an overwhelming task but needs to be done!


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