January 21, 2015

a good chop

Do you ever go through that
'so sick of my hair' stage where all you want to do is book in quick smart for a haircut?
This is me right now...Ive been thinking about it but hesistant too ...Its only hair right?
it grows back..
it can be curled or straightened, coloured and highlighted - its there to be changed!
..but I will take time to think about it - I've been there before and a shorter cut is a commitment and doesn't always mean 'carefree' hair days!

It seems like everyone is going shorter this season,
Sienna Miller's new bob looked amazing at the Golden Globes recently and with the #cleartheshoulders movement that was started by hair stylist Kristin Ess , it seems like everyone is joining in!

*images via Stylish Hair*

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  1. I've had my hair (curly) that length many times, and I love it! In fact, I haven't had a haircut since before I got pregnant (15 months ago!), so I'm getting it chopped in a few weeks!


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