January 18, 2015

9 years a blogger

this week I celebrated 9 years of blogging!
Wow! ....that feels a little crazy, in a good way of course.
I wasn't going to acknowledge this blog anniversary, I mean I don't really keep track of posts
(or stats) but I do remember starting my blog in the month of January, so out of curiosity I checked the year...
yep! here I am 9 years later!
It is a bit of a big deal in my little world - I love my blog!
...openly sharing, and being inspired in return.
I lost it once, for a whole day (or two) deleted for some unknown reason....gahhh freak out!!! pleading with Google and anyone who would listen until I got it back (in one piece...phew!)

So many changes in the blogging landscape over the years...many of the original bloggers have disappeared from bloggy-land altogether (Where did they go?)
Blogger burnout,  extended breaks...others feel like blogging becomes some sort of competitive trip with comparisons,  snarky comments and jealousy...this sadly is the ugly side of blogging.
Living a perfect life on the pages of an edited blog is not whats really going on people, we should all know that!

It appears to be so many new blog rules and protocol that's taken blogs to a whole new level, especially those wanting to monetize their blog and work with brands.
...Me?  I still prefer to lead my own path...
I blog when I want and what I want - every now and then I'm curious to listen to blog experts, take a blogging course to be inspired and hear a different viewpoint but must admit I take it all with a grain of salt..
for me there is no inner circle or shortlist that I need to be part of.

This is a little piece of me out there in this huge amazing space we call the 'internet'
- I believe there is room for ALL of us...and there is no cap on creativity, we can all do what makes us happy!
Anyway my blog is still my happy place and if you've ever been thinking of starting a blog, the only blog advice I can give you is find your passion and 'Go for it!!!'

The very first blog that I stumbled on was Posie Gets Cozy...I had no idea what a blog was back then...but her beautiful story telling and images made me come back for more...and even now all these years later, its one of my very favourite personal blogs to read...


  1. Congratulations Anastasia for the 9 years of blogging! Posie gets cozy is one of the latest blogs I added to my favourite blog list!One's blog should be one's happy place and that's all!Whatever pthers think is their own problem I agree!AriadnefromGreece!

  2. Well done to sticking to it, in your own way, for nine years. Here's to still being here to mark the full decade.

  3. Congratulations Anastasia and Happy Blog Birthday/Anniversary. Your blog post reminds me of the awesome Fleetwood Mac song "You can go your own way". Well done on carving out your own creative area in this world wide web!

  4. Congrats on 9 years! That's amazing! I've been blogging for about 6 now! :)

  5. I'm a bit late coming to the party but yay - congratulations Anastasia! So happy to have met you on our blogging journeys. What staying power you have. With that being said, with your pinterest stats you certainly have some influence out there so you could make some money! xx


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