March 18, 2015

...the ball rolling again...

so things are finally happening on the home front...we stalled a little trying to decide what to do - do we build a new house or keep looking, then Christmas came, and went ...and New Years too.
In the meantime, the Real Estate/Housing market is going gangbusters...
I mean its such a big decision (and an expensive one), and building is something we've never done before so making the right decision does take time.
..a few weeks ago we had a 3 hour meeting with the building company and both the hubs and I came out of it feeling comfortable, which is a relief.
Still, there is a lot to think about but I think we are finally onto the next stage which means signing up to get a new home built!
Do contemporary homes really lack character?
I hear that  often on home shows and renovation shows, I think about it myself ...a lot.
Our current home is 90 years old and has lots of lovely yes, lots of 'character' but it also lacks a lot of things and requires a lot more maintenance than a new home ever would ...can we even compare? Should we?
They are totally different!

Starting a Inspiration board over on Pinterest called
'Future Home', has helped me zone-in on an interior style.
Really helped!!
I also have my folder of magazine clippings that I've been collecting (Hey! I'm old school!)
but its not just about beautiful interiors,  more important for me are the practical ideas, using the space, having enough storage, creating the atmosphere...and coming together as a family,
in a family home...
Am i thinking about everything too much? ha-ha probably....

 *images via 'Future Home' 
top via Design Love Fest  and bottom (L-R) Tessa Neustadt and  Domaine Home 


  1. Those are gorgeous pictures Anastasia. I know what you mean, a part of me wants a place with character but then I love sleek and new too!

    1. yes I hear you Lorraine! its been a tug of war between 'old' or 'new' home but Im ready for a change - I really am!!!

  2. It's a big decision, a very exciting one! I would love to have a new home built with all the amenities like a large bath, huge closets, big master bedroom... Enjoy the journey! You have so much style I'm sure it's going to be gorgeous!

    1. (hugs) Maria Im really excited about the decor side of things but we need to build it first - that part of planning is probably the most important part!! step at a time!

  3. Sounds exciting - hope things run smoothly for you :)

    1. Thanks Vickie - I hope so too!! will keep you all updated soon!!!


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