June 30, 2007

Floating by.....

What is in our girly genetic makeup that makes little girls pretend to be ballerinas?
I dont know about you but when I was little I was fascinated with them - I think it must have started when I got my first jewellery box - a precious pink wind up box that played twinkling music and had a pretty twirling ballerina on a spring - that box was my joy for many years...
Im sure all the satin ribbons, soft layers of tulle and glitzy tiara's has a lot to do with it but even now as an adult Im in awe of their suppleness and strong but graceful bodies
I love to break out into a twirl and leap every now and then much to the amusement of my boys...even Andrew my husband cracks up...I usually land in a heavy thud though... not very elegant haha

The Paris Opera Ballet performance of 'Jewels' last night was spectacular! Im so glad I went! The costumes were stunning!...Velvet green corsets with green tulle calf length skirts for 'Emeralds', red short skirts and thick red corsets for 'Rubies', a much more playful dance and the 'Diamond' act was oyster white corsets with lots of sparkle and short stiff tutus....very very beautiful, very elegant!!

A great way to finish a tiring work week. My work schedule is a little crazy with end of financial reports due soon. I dont know, I cant seem to handle work stress very well anymore...Im not afraid of hard work but all I can hear is....tick tick tick ....and deadlines approaching and I get all anxious....I keep thinking of my boys at their grandmothers, I feel guilty being away from them especially working on my days off, I feel guilty that my parents have to look after them - its very tiring looking after two active boys and quite unfair to them (big cheer to caring grandparents)!
15 years ago it was all about my career, trying to impress, long hours slogging it out but I guess my priorities have changed now...

I havnt had a chance to check out my favourite blogs, I have a ton of email and mail to go through and I havnt done any crafting or drawing this week!
Ive also been invited by Australian Papercrafts Magazine to participate in their 'Artist and the stamp' rubber stamp challenge. They mailed me the rubber stamp last week and Ive just been looking at it haha trying to get inspired!...I have 4weeks to do something with it.

This beautiful box came in the mail the other day. Its from Maria, my Shabby chic Matchbox swap partner...its just gorgeous and the contents are adorable! it even smells wonderful, I dont know if Maria sprayed it with perfume but it sure smells divine!!!

I was very sad and shocked to hear a fellow blogger Daisy Lupin whom I had done a Christmas Ornament swap with sadly passed away last week. Her blog was always full of delightful images and beautiful words....Rest in Peace Hilary.
sigh! life with its ups and downs
Live it... Love it... Enjoy each moment!


Top - Painting by Degas, Illustration by Christian Lacroix featured in Bazaar, Swan Lake illustration by Maraja

June 26, 2007

On a Roll.....

Well not really…but I love getting time to sit and finish stuff, don’t you?
Finito… out of the way…what’s next?

I really love Jenny’s art and style so when she announced a swap I jumped at the chance to join in….I loved going through my papers and embellishments to find the right bits and pieces for this collage.
My swap partner is Carol all the way in Germany – don’t you love how blogging makes the world a smaller (and brighter) place!?
Her favourite colours were
Light Blue
Aqua Blue
& Sepia so I kept all these colours in mind when making this – hope she likes it!!

Ohhh Im going to see the Paris Opera Ballet ‘Jewels’ this Friday!!
My sister was keen to go and we’re taking my nieces as they both study classical ballet! Can’t wait!
Should be beautiful….did I mention Christian Lacroix ( ‘Lacroix sweetie Lacroix’ for any ‘Absolutely Fabulous’ fans) is the costume and set designer so will be spectacular for sure!!

June 25, 2007

Little Matchbox girl.....
I had such a wonderful relaxing weekend...the boys are feeling so much better buts it was really cold outside so we stayed indoors quite a bit.
They played and played, got bored, watched DVDs, fought over toys …it’s so hard to keep them entertained especially when they wake up so early and I’m in a zombie state until I have a strong cup of tea …. Lucky Andrew got the grocery shopping out of the way early in the morning and entertained them quite a bit as I had so much to do!
I got to catch up on lots of laundry, cleaning up plus some crafting in the evening.

I really enjoyed decorating this wee matchbox for Natasha’s shabby chic matchbox swap
It’s amazing how many things you can fit inside – I filled mine up with buttons, charms, flower embellishments and beads. Off it goes to Maria in Arizona…I hope it doesn’t get squashed on its long journey.
I think they’d make cute birthday party favours… speaking of birthday’s….it was my god-daughter Victoria’s 2nd birthday yesterday! She is such a darling little thing!! Have a wonderful year sweet girl!!

June 21, 2007


Everyone is feeling a little sick in my household.... we're all rugged up and home today.
No school for Peter...he was so upset that he couldnt go - he just loves preschool!

Andrew has been away for work so this week has been hard for me tending to two sick boys plus its freezing so waking up during the night to cries of 'Mummmeee' have been really difficult!!!
Im tired....

On a happier note my brother in law got back from a work trip to the USA and bought back a pile of american magazines (plus lots of other goodies) so Im set for a relaxing day snuggled up! ....he bought some hershey's chocolate which I dont really like...its very powdery. Ive been having Lindt 85% dark chocolate lately so anything else tastes sickly sweet.
Im really craving apple crumble with lots of custard though....Yum! guess I might just have to make some!

oh had to show you my ribbon loot that came from Jessica, thanks SO much....cute vintage patterns too! I have such nice blogging friends!! Isnt the french ribbon pretty pretty!?

I'll leave you with some cosy pics........

* top pic by Daniel Farmer
* Middle pic by Chris Everard
*Bottom pic Romantic Homes 6/07

*Ribbons by me

June 20, 2007

Illustration Friday - Rejection
Three's a crowd
Sulky little sister always felt rejected when friends came to play...
My 6yr old niece felt sad a couple of week's ago as two of her best friends paired off and didnt want to play with her anymore...school yard rejection....awww! poor Styliana....

June 17, 2007

ATCs coming and going....

Hope you all had a FAB weekend!

I finally got around to scanning some ATCs I made and some I received.

I love coming home after work to a mailbox full of goodies and not just boring household bills.

Tweet Tweet ATC sent to Bonnie

and she sent back her lovely ATC and all these great ATC supplies.

I sent 'Under my umbrella' ATC to flossy-p, a fantastic illustrator from Sydney
and she sent Lilac girl.

June 14, 2007

Illustration Friday - Suit

When I was about 17 or so I had my mum sew me a 'cheap and chic' copy of a Chanel suit very similar to my drawing this week. She added braided trim to the jacket's hem and sleeves and we added tiny gold/pearl look buttons. The skirt was a short soft pleat and Id wear it with black tights. I felt so grown up and very stylish ....my sister and I fought over the jacket as she always wanted to wear it - so much so, that my mum then made her one too!

Coco Chanel designed her classic collarless suit in 1923 - its still perfect today! A real Chanel jacket has a chain sewn into the hem to add weight so the jacket sits right. Coco was all about elegance and comfort. Karl Lagerfeld does a great job at Chanel these days but the prices are not for the average gal....

Other classic suits that I love - Bianca Jagger's simple Yves Saint Laurent wedding suit!

and who can forget this classic suit....makes me want to put on ' The Bee Gee's' and do a little crazy disco dance!

June 12, 2007

Splish Splash....

Here is my finished ‘She Sells Sea Shells’ 4 x 4 collage for
Danielle Mueller’s Vintage Dragonfly swap.
This took a while – my canvas wasn’t cooperating. Im not confident using paints at all and so decided to use Twinkling H2O’s which give a nice layered look but this canvas struggled with me!
I must have redone the background at least 10 times and again it was creating a pool of water that wasn’t drying right!
When it finally did dry it left it looking bland and dull. Maybe my paints are off?!
Who knows - I bought them about a year ago and used them twice before like here
How typical of me….I really need to sort my supplies and use what I have at home – no more buying new stuff!!
Anyway some of the splotches might look like beach spray what do you think? haha….

Jennifer had me as her partner which was nice as I love her creations! look what she made for me!!! Cant wait to receive it…not only did she make that but she made more than one and had me choose – clever girl!! Lucky me!!

June 8, 2007

A Touch of Glamour .....

Its pouring in Sydney today so Im stuck at home with my Neo
but Ive been reading the latest australian Harpers Bazaar which features guest editor Dita Von Teese,
who was here for Australian Fashion Week last month.
When I heard she was coming out for that I wondered what she'd think of Australian fashion? Its not as grown up or sophisticated as European fashions, definetely no John Galliano' s here but she said she was quite impressed.

Imagine being so immaculately dressed all the time, her hair is always perfectly coiffed and she has a very ladylike look - that sort of commitment has to be admired right?

im quite low maintenance myself, I mean I really need to push myself to get totaly glamed up, I havent painted my nails in months!
dont get me wrong I love being a girly girl and am so into makeup and beauty goodies! The first time I walked into Sephora (on the Champs Elysees store in Paris) I almost had a heart attack from the excitement!
Most times Im just so comfy in my laid back jeans and ballet flats (my casual look), hair up in a daggy bun
but its really exciting when you do get invited to something special that needs a little preparation and not just a quick shave of the legs in the shower.
Next weekend my workplace is holding their annual awards party and the dress theme is 'Glam it up'
so we're all very excited at work (we, as in the girls)!
A chance to dress up and have a good time!
Im going to wear what I have - a strappy black number that is simple but has some pretty pleat detail.
Im going to pair it with black fishnet tights and black peeptoe heels, add some pretty chandelier earrings in shades of purple! Cant wait!!

I also read in the mag that the Paris Opera ballet is coming to Sydney - love this image from their ballet layout....now who can I convince to go with me, I doubt Andrew would want to?!

I created these "Parisian Showgirl' mood collages
and entered in Decor8's mood board competition.
Some great Amy Butler prizes - 3 days left!
I bought some of Amy Butler's paper recently - its gorgeous!!!

Have a fun weekend everyone - we have a long weekend coming up (Queens birthday) and are having a cousin fly up from Melbourne to spend it with us - should be good adventureous weekend!!

June 6, 2007

Illustration Friday - Paradise
Wish you were here!!
Id have to say the Greek Islands
are paradise - I dont know anyone who has been that didnt think so!
The light reflecting on the white washed buildings is super bright, its hot very hot!
When I think of the islands I think of endless glasses of Frappe, mini dresses, flirting, flat leather sandals, Ouzo shots, Meze plates, dancing all night and having fun!
This 60 second ad might get you going

June 4, 2007

Come fly with me....
(in my best Frank Sinitra voice) Lets fly lets fly away…..

I hope you’re all doing well, I’m still feeling a little achy and woozy but I’m doing well! I can’t wait to have these stitches removed though so I can eat and drink without having my stomach do a nauseating flip! The joys the joys….I just hope braces on the teeth are not worse that’s a two year commitment!!

I’ve almost finished my free people 'Travel swap' for my partner Lacey. I made her an accordion travel journal using some vintage images and scrap paper– I hope she likes it!
I’m going to add some thick white paper with little clips for all her little travel notes and being an accordion style journal she can just add things into the book and fold into place. I’ve also glued some money envelopes at the back so she can store little bits and pieces.
Just needs a little tidy up, some more little images and off it goes….

Front pages

Jessica tagged me
Give the meaning of your kids’ names, and write about what or how or why you gave the name to your kids

Well its kind of boring really as both Andrew and I decided to go traditional and name our children after our parents so we didn’t buy loads of name books and pour through them for months leading up to the birth….
Keeping the name within the family is a Greek tradition that has been popular for centuries so that’s why when you meet a Greek family they have a dozen Maria’s or George’s or Spiro’s…(now thats a Greek name for you!)
Most Greek names are christian/biblical names and there is usually a saint with the same name so as well as Birthdays we celebrate Name Days.
My name day is at Easter time as Anastasia means resurrection (of Christ).

The middle names are just names that I liked - I felt they went nicely with their first name.

My eldest is Peter Thomas
My father in law, Peter (Panayiotis in Greek) was named after the Panayia, the Virgin Mary as he was born on 15th August, the day of the Panayia – the second biggest religious holiday after Easter. A Very popular name with Greeks!

My youngest son is Neo Markus
He was named after my father Neophytos who was named after St Neophytos, a hermit and scholar that lived in Ayios Neophytos Monastery in 1159, he carved a home for himself out of the rock where he prayed and painted all day long.

June 1, 2007

Soothing Soupa...

I got home from the hospital yesterday and Ive been eating slush for two days now.

My mouth is doing quite well. Im not as bad as I thought Id be and I havnt taken my pain killers today as Ive got to look after my little Neo - dont want to zonk out and have him run the house down!

So I made some yummy vegetable soup with rice and chicken for lunch today, it doesnt look too appealing but tastes delicious! Even Neo thought so! simple, easy and full of goodness!

I found the recipe in one of my Tessa Kiros cookbooks - I have all 3 of her books - Twelve, Falling Cloudberries and Apples for Jam. They are beautiful books and I love pouring through them for inspiration - great recipes, beautiful pictures, little notes and memories of Tessa's childhood. Her passion for food and family is infectious.
Here are some pics of Tessa cooking at home in Tuscany. What a gorgeous house huh?! this was from an interview in 'Inside Out' magazine (Dec 06)

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