April 24, 2009

A Luckie girl....
Yes i am!
the lovely Cathy of Tinniegirl fame,
and i decided to do a swap - one of her gorgeous Luckie boxes full of vintage paper goodness for some of my papergoods,
i have yet to make them but they will be out in the mail soon
(promise Cathy!!) My cute Luckie box
is full of fun papers to play with, i love the vintage wallpaper!

and today my Lucky magazine came in the mail -this mag is so good!
no ridiculous high priced high end designer pieces, no silly 'it' bags of the season, just great fashion, great street style & looks, wonderful styling
... even though I cant shop what I see since its an american mag (better for my savings) each issue totally inspiring!
Hey did you hear The Sartorialist is in Australia!!
he and his girlfriend,
Garance Dore are currently in Melbourne and will be in Sydney on Monday for Fashion week - Australian style (L'Australie style)
cant wait to see what they shoot for their blogs!
There's a great interview on Garance Dore here if you want to read a bit more...
have a wonderful night!!


  1. I hope you have fun making goodies with your Luckie. Please don't rush to get anything to me. Just take your time and send it off to me when you get a chance.

  2. I have a tinnie. They're cool aren't they? Have fun with it!

  3. handmaiden2:23 PM

    You are very Lucky and thanks for those great links

  4. Hooray for great mail day, happy weekend to you!

  5. they are dating???? since when??? i thought he was married and had kids! {am i a gossip or what?}
    you are a lucky girl!


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