July 20, 2009

EyeSpy...something I should use
ive got so much red & white bakers twine - this is me hugging my big spool!
i have some listed in my shop

and its been quite popular, its so versatile and everyone likes it!!
I need to start thinking of ways to use it myself...i think it would be very useful for Christmas this year.
I wouldnt normally think of Christmas so early but someone asked me what papergoods I was planning to offer for Christmas so better get my thinking cap on!!
Thanks to BirdBath for this week's EyeSpy theme
and to Cindy for being our host!


  1. I love that twine, I can imagine all sorts of things for it. I've only seen it in blue and brown, red is really quite pretty.

  2. I love the color scheme of your photos! Perhaps you could use the twine to stitch through cards, or fabric.... anyhoo, I hope your summer is a great one.

  3. I love bakers twine...off to your shop very soon!

  4. I've been meaning to pop in and buy some. Thanks for reminding me.

    I love the lollie bags. Too cute.

  5. I love twine!! It would be great to have a huge spool like your one. And I just adore the way you have used them here. And those pegs in the last photo are great!!
    I think of Christmas early as well so you're not alone =)

  6. Enjoy summer as you work on Christmas goodies :o)

  7. Oh, I love the twine! I just found your blog and it's adorable. :)

  8. Thats a huge spool!
    Great to hear it goes well in ur shop.
    And im curious to see what u come up with for ur christmas range, cud be a big business for u, with all the gifts that need tagging!;)

  9. the red+white twine is so festive and fun! also adore the doily and pink heart accents -- so pretty.

    {p.s.} think i thanked you for a RT in twitter this morning instead of answering your comment -- was half asleep :)


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