July 10, 2009

Last week I won a suprise giveaway from the lovely SophismPress who sent me a wonderful parcel of goodies.... magazines, a gorgeous print of her artwork 'Stargazing' and a copy of 'The Secret Garden' which is one of my favourite children's books.
All these lovely goodies for just being a follower of her blog! how lucky am I?

then today I got an email telling me I won another giveaway!
two vouchers from two beautiful Etsy shops!
Thanks so much to Rachel of The Ardent Sparrow!
She is having a blog giveaway every day this week! go check it out!

Well im feeling the love so I want to send some back too!
Next week I will draw a name from my blog followers and the winner will win a parcel of paper goods made by me!
Just a small way to say Thanks!

Today it felt so good to finally have a day off - work is super crazy right now!
This morning I got to meet a twitter friend and blogger who owns PaperMagnolia.
They are currently having a warehouse sale so if you're in Sydney go have a look- I got some lovely things like these 'Thank You' note cards, they are so pretty!

Mid Term School holidays start next week so both my boys are excited and tonight Andrew and I are off to an 80's night fund raiser!
should be a fun(ny) night out!


  1. Wow! How great to be a winner! And to meet a real live blogger-bonus!Enjoy your up and coming school holidays-I can recommend them!

  2. Congrats on the great prizes. I'm off to Ardent Sparrow to have a look myself now...

  3. Don't you love winning things? Sounds like a great package! Have fun tonight!
    I would love to meet some blogging friends someday =)

  4. You're a winner all around Anastasia! That's a lovely font/writing in those Thank You cards.

  5. Congrats!
    I have been entering over at the Ardent Sparrow all week.
    Aren't all of those items amazing?
    Enjoy your goodies!

  6. You are lucky! School back for us too next week! Just noticed that I wasn't following, fixed that...

  7. Congrats on winning the giveaway :) and those Thank You cards are so lovely.

  8. Ah, school hols. Lets hope the weather gets a little drier. I couldn't bear to see the whole family couped up for the next two weeks.
    The '80s night sounds fun. Will we see pics?

  9. Popping in to say hello, Anastasia :) Looks like you are doing well and apparently on a lucky streak....good for you !!!

    I always forget that you are having winter right now....stay warm :)


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