October 7, 2009

Just around the corner........

anyone else planning or dreaming about Christmas?
ive recently pulled out my pile of backdated Christmas magazines that I keep in one handy box
and Ive got my little page marking stickers ready to mark gorgeous images that inspire.

I need to make some Christmas paper goods for an order so im looking at colour combinations
Im loving the pale pink, yellows and creamy shades
and you can never go wrong with pale blue, off white and splashes of silver....lovely!


  1. Yes I'm thinking about christmas. But it's hard to not when I'm working in the christmas section. I love those colours you mentioned. Beautiful! I'm loving liac and silver too ( we have a display at Myer).

  2. Anonymous4:07 PM

    Beautiful Christmas decorations ... I've just posted the Pavlova recipe ... yumm!!

  3. Lovely to be thinking of Christmas now. I love the bright reds and lime greens for Christmas, though my girls love the silvers and blues

  4. I haven't even given it a thought...until now!


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