June 7, 2010

Much Love Monday.....
current Loves....
*people watching
*chocolate brown nailpolish
*Hot tea with honey (always tea!)
*Chicken soup
*Opaque tights
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Top: via here
Bottom: via Bianks on Flickr


  1. My stash of still-in-the-package vintage tights are coming in handy. I've rocked out a pale pink, a peacock green and think I still have a maroon and a blue to try. Sadly, the 1970s nylon only lasts for a wear or two, but at 50c a pop I can't complain. And some of the packaging is priceless.

  2. Oh those vintage tights sound lovely:) My Monday favourite is hot chocolate- so comfy, warm and yummy:)

  3. I love your blog! So cute!!

  4. People watching is a definite yes...and opaque tights. I'm really wanting to try coloured tights this winter I think.

    And the pictures you chose are gorgeous. I really love the first one with the big pink bow and heart sunglasses. x


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