January 9, 2011

Marking my days...
one thing I look forward to each January, is getting a new Diary for the year!
It just adds to that fresh boost of motivation that a new year brings, dont you think?
The first thing I always do is jot down all the birthdays for friends and family so I dont forget anyone special.
...and slowly slowly my days get filled with things that need to be done, and remembered not only for me but for the boys school and after school activities, family events and catch ups, we're already invited to our 2nd wedding for the year and our friend's baby's baptism next month too...

I also use my email calendar a lot too - i find that very useful but there is nothing like a hardbound diary thats always in my bag and goes where I go.... i do hope this year I can mark off some time for a long vacation (fingers crossed!)

A few weeks back the lovely Gracienne suprised me with a little gift - a gorgeous calendar card set from the talented Catherine Campbell of 'My Folk Lover'.
Its so beautiful...and so is my friend Gracienne - thanks once again sweet girl!
A new diary and a new calendar - a perfect way to mark my days.


  1. I always, always put in all my friends' birthdays too! :) The kind of filling up a new diary needs.

  2. What a great calendar! I love your blog. I'm a new follower. :)



  3. I see you have the Frankie diary. If it was a little smaller (handbag size) I would have kept mine.

    And thank you for the beautiful mention! I'm soo glad you liked it :) You're the sweetest.

  4. It's so lovely isn't it. I bought two for friends at Christmas. Should have bought one for myself too. :)

    I'm actually going through my new Moleskine (functional but not pretty) and adding birthdays right now too!

  5. Anonymous10:09 PM

    Hello there! =)

    Im a new follower & just a self intro. My name is Nassi Meng.

    I luv diaries & planner~ I get excited about ea upcoming yr & ea upcoming semester of school. I adore the fact that one day looking at my new blank calendar & the next realizing its filled. Its just something to smile about when reminiscing back on ea day thinking "I remember how i felt that day." :)

    Looking forward to your next post!


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