May 11, 2013

Back to School...

Last month I attended a great night at ‘The School’ in Sydney’s Rosebery. Stylist Megan Morton opened ‘The School’ a year ago to offer creative workshops and classes to peeps thirsty for some creative fun – you can see their class schedule here….

I booked in for
Kara Rosenlund's
‘Creating Vignettes’ workshop and it was SO wonderful to see Kara in action…she showed us how she styles her vignettes, her 5 main points to remember and she shared her story with us – what an inspiring lady!!
I adore her work Kara’s beautiful home (hello gorgeous!!) is also featured in this months ‘Inside Out’ magazine!

here is Kara's Vignette that she created on the night - lots of texture and interest!
Beautiful props to play with ( note to self: find a vintage portrait painting) - afterwards everyone was allowed to play around and create some beautiful Vignettes....

a day or so afterwards we got a 'Thank you' email from Megan and 'The School' with an attachment of another stunning Vignette that Kara created to say thanks and goodbye to Sydney before she headed off back to Brisbane...sparkly fun!!


  1. That looks really interesting, AC.
    I have never heard of this before - but you learn something new every day!

  2. These vignettes look amazing A. It was such a fun night, one of the best courses I've done! You're so lucky you live in Sydney, the home of The School, there's so many more of their classes I'd love to do!


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