July 14, 2013

a post for France....

Happy Bastille Day
When I started highschool many years ago,  I was so excited to be enrolled in French class.
We had a kooky French teacher who was a little eccentric - her accent was very heavy and for an hour she spoke little English to ensure we'd follow on and learn to speak French - the three years that I had her for French, she'd let us celebrate Bastille Day and would always bring flaky pastries and delicious croissants to class!
....I dreamed of Paris and France and couldn't wait to visit!
Here is my take on 'French style' today ...a little red white and blue!
Viva la France

*images Top via TreatsSF, photo collage by me - images
Edith Miller, Lisa Cohen for Homelife, OnceWed and bottom by Phil Poynter


  1. Love it Anastasia (says the francophile). I have fond memories of French class too, I was drawn to the country from day one and dreamt of exchanges there. Perhaps somehow I knew that one day I'd marry a frenchman. Mel x

  2. Those clafoutis look so delicious. Isn't french style just beautiful and sophisticated and gorgeous!

  3. Love all of this! Perfect style.


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