July 30, 2013

Chunky Chicken soup

A little over indulging in the eating department lately has led me to make this week a ‘Clean’ eating week. Nothing processed or too heavy... a chance to give my digestive system a little break.
Last year I did a Cleanse for 3 weeks so I thought a few days this time can't be that difficult.  I decided not to cut out my tea and coffee though...as long as I'm eating light, fresh and foods packed with goodness Im happy with that plus tea and coffee have antioxidants right? (right!)

Eating well does take some planning ahead but its really not that hard…Ive made this delicious ‘Chicken and brown rice’ soup a few times now, since discovering it on Gwyneth’s Goop blog – its really tasty and simple enough plus it’s so filling and keeps you satisfied until the next meal!
Once the vegies are chopped and the chicken browned, you just add the stock, rice and come back to it every 15mins for a good stir...45mins later you have a really tasty, yummy, healthy soup!


  1. I've been cooking a few of GP's recipes lately so will have to try this soup, it really does look very good. Good on you Anastasia for eating lighter for a few days.

  2. Thanks Catherine! yes, I like the look of other recipes on Gwyneth's site...will have to give some others a go!


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