January 5, 2015

a New Year and back to it...

hello! So lovely to see you on this side of a brand new year!
it feels good right?! 2015...sounds solid!
I headed back to work today after a wonderful family trip down  in the seaside town of Kiama...what a lovely little spot along the South Coast!
...close enough to Sydney to not be a drag of a traffic congested trip but far enough to feel a sense of calm and a leisurely pace...
so many beautiful vistas!
wild rough seas against smashing rocks, not one but two blowholes, amazing headlands with gorgeous views and beautiful sandy beaches too.

my blog post is picture heavy but I went a little camera-happy snapping away all week -  lots on Instagram too, this time I labelled with a hashtag so I can collate and make a little photo book!


  1. Glad you enjoyed the holidays!Happy New Year!AriadnefromGreece!

  2. Glad you enjoyed the break and rested up for the new year. It's lovely to get away, isn't it? I was back at work this week too, but already plotting and planning for time off in the first half of this year. A proper holiday is in order.


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