October 22, 2013

a Preppy Summer

I recently got some Summer postcards printed up for the shop and when they arrived back from the printer's I was super delighted - they turned out really sweet!
The colours are so soft and pretty!
When it came time to list them on Etsy - I thought id get creative and show them 'in action' as Gift Tags which is how I had planned to list them.
I ended up making some my own Dotty Gift wrap paper - so easy to do!
Using a one inch circle punch and an A4 piece of copy paper, I punched out a dotty stencil.
Its easiest to start on one side and use a ruler to measure about 1.5 inches in between each punched hole  -  I then folded the paper until all the page was punched out.
Some of the holes are not perfect but that's okay, it makes it interesting - ha!
I then taped my Dotty stencil ( using Washi tape which comes off gently ) onto some thicker white paper - I used a large sheet of Visual paper which is a little heavier.
Using some pretty blue acrylic paint I dabbed dabbed dabbed directly onto the punched out hole....and then taped my stencil onto the other side and repeated.
Leave to dry.
Wrap your parcel with Love
* Gift tag sets available in my Shop


  1. Lovely cards and the idea with the wrapping paper is just beautiful.

  2. Lovely! The wrapping paper is such a cute idea and I love the soft pastel shades of your new cards.

  3. I'm a big fan of all your cards and tags and this is another wonderful creation!
    Love the wrapping paper too.

  4. Thanks so much lovrly girls!!


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