May 30, 2006

Illustration Friday - Cake

Baking a cake is half the fun!!

My mother always made cakes from scratch, she still does as she refuses to believe cakes from a bakery are better than hers.

As kids, she always let us help and I used to enjoy it so much. When I was really young I used to create my own 'pretend' cakes with all sorts - mud, shampoo, sugar - whatever I could find.

Warming Up.......

I only work 3 days a week (lucky me!) and so on my two days off I don’t like to do too much (i.e. housework) so that way I can spend time with my boys and also enjoy quality time at home.
It does make my Saturday mornings quite frantic though as it’s the only time I can thoroughly clean the house. Its great as Andrew is home to help plus he takes the boys grocery shopping and they just love it! Peter also enoys going to Mr Galamis Fruit market and comes running in the house to tell me what they bought (even though I prepare the list – how cute)

Last week Alicia had a wonderful post on Summer Beds and that got me inspired to clean out the linen cupboard over the weekend and our abundant stack of bed linen and Manchester. I donated a whole bag of flannel sheets to the Salvation Army as we have so much stuff.
lookie here!!
I completely forgot I had these wonderful bed sheets – the embroidery is so pretty and this green is so soothing. The cute vintage boy sheets underneath have darling sweet illustrations – they are both summer sheets though so I’ve stored them away again.
I also pulled out some retro tablecloths that my mother had from the 70’s – perfect for lunch in the garden.

We’ve has such cold weather lately To warm up our bedroom I changed the bedspread to this tea coloured crochet one – nothing fancy but it adds a glow to the room and is super warm - who doesn’t want a warm comforting bedroom to go to during Winter?
My mother (clever thing) is in the process of crocheting me a beautiful bedspread – she’s been at it for a while now and it’s so heavy and thick. She had the yarn imported from Cyprus and it has a traditional look – I love it so far!

May 29, 2006

Leftover Chocolate....

Can you believe we still have leftover chocolate easter eggs from Easter time!! we got so many from friends, family and neighbours.
I try to only give the boys chocolate as a special treat although Peter asks, 'Mummy can I have a treat' almost everyday!

Im slowly using the chocolate by adding in cakes and biscuits and occasionally breaking one or two when we have little guests.....
Last weekend we made Chocolate almond cake as we were invited to a Sunday lunch at my sister's house, today we might make some Rocky road.
Peter loves to help but Im sure its just to lick the spoon and bowl afterwards (hey thats my job)

EDM Challenge #68 - Draw your computer

Our home computer is in our spare bedroom turned study. Its so cluttered with books, magazines and I even have my sewing machine in here but I try to keep this corner neat and tidy.
With Winter approaching this room gets really cold so I always have a warm jacket and my throw over my legs when Im on the computer - that keeps me here a little longer (than necessary)

May 26, 2006

Tag it!!!

I finished my gift tags for Dacia's Tag swap - thanks for organising and hosting Dacia!

It didnt take too long for me to make them - I guess time flies when you are having fun!
Its been a while since I played with glue and paper.

I made a mixture of things - some I added floral line drawings, some I collaged out of magazine clippings layered on paper and some I hand stitched.
I added the tag string and posted out this morning!

May 24, 2006

Crazy about Florence.........

Last Saturday Andrew and I went to the Darling Harbour Home Show exhibition.
There was some interesting things to see and Andrew was engrossed with all the Plasma Televisions (whats up with men and Plasma TVs??) so I sat down to a home decorating seminar run by one of the Interior Design schools in Sydney.

They were saying that one of the trends to make a HUGE comeback is Wallpaper.
I never thought of it before but i guess ever since the late 70's/early 80's it seems like wallpaper made a dissapearing act in Australian homes.
When I was in London in the early 90's I remember being suprised that people still had (stuffy) wallpaper on their walls - it just seemed dated and old and sad.....

But lately Ive been loving these Florence Broadhurst wallpaper designs that have been appearing everywhere even on Clutch bags!!
Arent they grand! They are original designs but just seem so new and ever so hip!
I can just image this on as a feature wall

Boy oh Boy Oh Boy......

These are my boys - I cant believe how fast they have grown!
The top photo was taken 6mnths ago and the bottom one last month - what a difference!
I drew Neo drinking his milk - I think I'll try to draw them more often as they'll be teenagers before I know it!
I saw this quote about childhood the other day and I just thought Waaaahhh!!!! why do they have to grow so quickly!

'It will be gone before you know it. The fingerprints on the wall appear higher and higher. Then suddenly they disappear'
- Dorothy Evslin

May 23, 2006

New Kids on the Block.....

Im loving Loobylu's new blog
What a great idea! there are so many clever,inspiring ideas and fun things to do - perfect daily read for anyone who is important in the life of a child be it parent, grandparent or babysitter.

Another magazine I noticed on the newstands last week and had to grab a copy was 'Shop Til You Drop 4 Kids'

I was expecting them to show $100 jeans and designer gear for kids (that irks me - who would pay that??!) but they had a good mix of things, lots of great toy and gift ideas plus cute children's room ideas.

Arent these cute!!! I want a set for myself!

these are from the Netherlands by a company called MissNL

they are soft padded vintage style dolls with cute outfits that velcro on

you can buy them at

May 22, 2006

EDM Challenge #67 - Something 'Mother'

This is my sweet Mother , and this is her Mandolin. I thought Id draw this as she's had it most of her life. It currently stands displayed near a cabinet on her living room floor. My mother got this mandolin when she was around 7yrs old and soon after started music lessons with Mr Luis but she said she was never really good at it. My eldest son likes to muck around with it everynow and then.

As a teenager I remember many many times vowing to myself that as a parent I would never be like my mother - that was usually when i couldnt get my way hehee but now as an adult and a parent myself, I am SO like her its amazing (and sometimes frightening!).

Its all good - she is a great mother and an awesome grandmother!

Illutstration Friday - Sorry

If only he had said Sorry, things would have been different
Watercolour and Ink

May 19, 2006

Frame that Cat.....

I love this cover of the New Yorker magazine. It's dated May 6, 1972 and illustrated by the amazing Ronald Searle.

This cover was part of a group of 19 covers that Ronald had illustrated for the magazine and the orginal magazine covers were listed on Ebay starting at $5.00
so I bid but..... lost but it didnt stop there.
I contacted the winner and asked if he'd sell me this one cover as it was the one I really really wanted and to my suprise he said he'd send it to me for free!!!
So thank you Mr H, of New York City, its awesome, makes me smile and I cant wait to have it framed and up on the wall!

he sent me a little note with it saying 'I hope you love it and keep it forever'
I sure will!
Europe Battles it out in song.......

Just a reminder to everyone that its Eurovision time again!!! For a whale of a good time (and lots of laughs) dont forget to tune in!
May 20th 2006 direct from Greece!! Lots of fun!

EDM Challenge #66 Draw a Fire Hydrant

When this challenge came up I realised I had never seen a Fire Hydrant in our area - well not like the ones they have in the USA.
Everything must be underground in the pavements over here but I did spot one in the storage area at work so during lunch time yesterday I took my tuna sandwich and a little stool and sat down to draw it - it took me 5mins because I didnt want anyone to spot me and ask to see my sketch heehee

May 18, 2006

Martha gets a little trendier......

I finally tracked down a copy of Martha Stewart's new magazine Blueprint

I called Borders this morning and hoorah they've shipped it to Australia. You can always rely on Borders for great magazine selections.

Its a little pricey for us Australians at $14.95 an issue! Ouch!

But im so so looking forward to curling up with a cup of tea and reading it, dreaming of new decor looks - I love the preppy cover

May 17, 2006

Happy Birthday my darling Sis!

My sister Roulla doesnt blog but I know she looks at mine so have a wonderful day Roulla!!
I hope you get showered with love and gifts today! Take time to chill and enjoy your day.
Im so happy to have you as my sister and I love you very much....

Isn't this photo sweet? My sis is close to 2years old here and she is with our Grandmother Evroulla (whom she was named after) and Grandfather Kosta.
I love the way she is holding my grandfathers finger and the big bow in her hair is darling.
My grandmother was only 39 when my sister was born - how times have changed - women are becoming mothers for the first time at 39 these days!
My sister and I are both very close to our Grandparents - they now live in Cyprus but we call them all the time and come September we are all flying over to Cyprus for 6 whole weeks of fun in the sun!

May 15, 2006

Illustration Friday- Angels and Devils

The first thing I thought of was Chocolate Devil's Cake and Angel Cake
so my illustration is called ' The Cake Competition'
wouldnt that be funny - I wonder who would win?

Im not a huge chocolate cake lover but I much prefer the Devil's cake - I mean Angel Cake has 12 or so egg whites - who would bother ??(Martha Stewart maybe...)

The Easiest Muffins Ever!!!

they taste good too!
I make these often and cant tell u how easy they are! Just throw everything into the blender and off you go!

1 orange (wash first as its all going in - peel, flesh and pips too!)
125g soft butter
1.5 cups Self Raising Flour
1 cup Caster Sugar
3 eggs

Blitz everything up till thick and creamy
Place in preheated medium oven and bake for approx 20mins
I make 6 large and 12 small muffins with this batch.
Ending the week on a High Note...

Happy Mothers Day to all the mums and mums-to-be ( I know a few of those at the moment)

Becoming a mother was the best thing I have ever done in my life. I wake up with excitement everyday knowing Im going to see their little faces. Most mornings I get a huge smile back at me, other days I get crying for milk or whining which means someone needs a cuddle - its all good!

I had a wonderful Mothers Day after an exhausting week of looking after two sick boys and a rundown me.
Big thanks to my Mother and Mother in law for dropping everything to come and help out during the week and giving me the chance to get a little rest too - they are blessings in my life! The chicken soup was yummy too!

We went out for Mothers Day lunch - we met up with my parents and my sister and her family at a restaurant called 'Italy on the Bay'. What a gorgeous view of Brighton beach!
The food was very average but the company was great and we all had a good time! all the mum's got free champagne too - very nice!
In the late afternoon we caught up with Andrew's parents for coffee and cake.

I was pleasantly suprised when my hubby and boys handed me a wrapped gift to find they got me the cookbook I wanted, 'Apples for Jam' by Tessa Kiros Hoorah!!!
My husband does read my blog after all heehee!
Bravo Tessa! Its a gorgeous book - I love it to bits!

May 9, 2006

Illustration Friday - Fat

Im going to call this 'Seaside Lovers'
black pen with coloured pencils

have you seen the new Illustration Friday website? Looks great - so much easier to navigate.

Im home from work today - my boys were both sick over the weekend and guess who caught it too?? Feeling much better now after a good 12hours of sleep!
here are some blue pen sketches I did whilst watching TV wrapped in a blanket.

Swaps of fun!! Dont you just love getting mail??

I got a parcel from Amy yesterday! we did a trade a couple of weeks ago. Love your work Amy!!
The cards are lovely and who can resist vintage wallpaper! You can view Amy's cards and stunning jewellery here

I was recently involved in a notecard swap that
Creative Kismet had organised - looking forward to receiving more creative notecards in the mail!!

Next Ive got Vintage Love swap#2 - my partner is Jen - its been fun collecting things for someone I dont really know who lives on the other side of the world!

Swaps are fun!

May 7, 2006

EDM Challenge # 66 - Noses

Here is my family of noses!! I love how when a baby is born people will say, 'Oh! he/she has your eyes' or 'He/she has your nose' its that obvious.

I think I have my dad's nose - a little too fleshy and wide but hey its mine and Im happy with it! hehee

May 2, 2006

Illustration Friday - Under the Sea

My inspiration this week came from the victorian story the Water Babies.

I love the Water Babies illustrations
Jessie Wilcox Smith painted - they are just wonderful!

This is my water baby having fun with the cute creatures of the sea.

May 1, 2006

Book wish List

One of my favourite cook book authors, Tessa Kiros has a new book out 'Apples for Jam'
Here is an article on the book with two recipes and another I found on the blog 'Who Wants seconds'

I cant wait to get a copy!
Mothers Day is coming up and maybe if I hint hard enough I'll get it as a gift!!

I have Tessa's book 'Falling Cloudberries'
and its such joy to read as its so beautifully written and the pictures are wonderful! The recipes are easy to follow and what Ive cooked so far is scrumptious!!

She is also of Cypriot heritage as I am, so her little side notes about her family and her time in Cyprus are so familiar and make me smile.

EDM Challenge #64 - Draw your sink

This is my kitchen sink - just how I like it, clean and empty!

A couple of hours before I drew this, the sink was full of pots and pans as I made a delicious homemade pasta sauce and boiled up some penne for dinner.

I was sitting on the kitchen bench on the other side of the sink sketching this. I can never get the colours right - my tiles are cream and the workbenches are speckeld.

Notice the childproof locks - we have a few of those around the house!

EDM Challenge #63 - Nature Walk

Its been so chilly at night lately that I havent done much walking so when the challenge said to go for a walk and collect 3 things I thought Id wait till Anzac Day
as we were planning a trip to Sydney Taronga Zoo.

We had a wonderful day and the boys had a great time exploring and observing the animals

On the way back to our car I picked up some bark and tree cut offs and decided to draw these.
Its amazing how they were once so hard and strong and now because of the dry autumn air they are so delicate.
My 16month old actually crushed one after i finished drawing it!
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